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Swift Clean & Shine is a versatile cleaning product that helps to quickly and effectively clean a variety of surfaces while leaving behind a shiny finish. This multi-purpose cleaner is formulated to cut through grease, grime, and dirt on surfaces such as countertops, appliances, and automotive interiors. It is also safe for use on glass and mirrors, making it an ideal choice for cleaning windows and other reflective surfaces. Swift Clean & Shine is easy to use, simply spray onto the surface and wipe away with a clean cloth for a streak-free, glossy finish. This product is perfect for those who want a quick and efficient cleaning solution without the hassle of multiple products or complicated procedures.

Directions: Shake well prior to product use.  Spray apply swift on to surface, wax applicator or Xpress Sidekick scrub pad.  Scrub as needed to produce a clean surface.  Remove excess product and wipe to desired finish.


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