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It's Finally HERE! The hardcore do-it-all microfiber towel is perfect for any job from the grimiest garage jobs to everyday use around your home. Not just another shop towel, Rip N' Rags are an easy-to-use, highly absorbent 70/30 blend and will quickly become your all-purpose go-to towel. Thanks to their lint-free soft blend and edgeless design, they are safe to use on glass, paint, and other delicate surfaces without scratching them!

These towels are a cost-effective alternative to paper towels. Quickly tear it off the roll, use it, abuse it, and re-use it! Each towel can be reused hundreds of times, so say goodbye to single-use paper towels for your home, garage, RV, or boat needs.

Easy storage that fits on a standard paper towel holder. We are on a roll with this one!


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